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Quick questions, here are our FAQs



  1. Is the sound quality of the headphones good ?
    • At Silent Dee, we use wireless headphones custom built with the latest technology and specially designed for silent discos. The bass is rich and very present and the music is clear without being aggressive. But of course, the source of the music must be of good quality.
    • The volume of each headphone is individually adjustable for the comfort of all. It ranges from a mere whisper to a deafening volume !
    • The shape of the helmet fits well over the ears and removes background noise, allowing the user to focus on the music and enjoy the experience to its fullest.
    • More than just a radio receiver, the headsets are also fully packed with circuits reducing background noises and interference that may come from other wireless electronic devices nearby.

  3. Are the helmets are comfortable and do they hold up well on the head ?
    • Our headsets only apply a little pressure over the ears which reduces fatigue for prolonged use. They can be worn up to four hours without any problem.
    • They are also very light despite their professional quality, allowing them to stay in place while accurately following all movements of the head and body.
    • Finally, the frame is adjustable and helmets can fit any head size, even with lots of hair, even with a tuque !

  5. Is the system easy to use ?
    • Yes, very easy! Each helmet has two controls: a button to turn it on and change channels and a volume control. You can also press the volume control to turn the lights ON or OFF for more discretion, or to keep the battery alive longer.
    • The radio transmitter only needs to be powered and plugged into a standard sound source like a computer, MP3 player or mixer. The power supply, antenna and audio cables are included with transmitter.
    • Input A on the transmitter corresponds to the RED channel on helmets and input B to the GREEN channel.
    • BLUE channel (channel C) can only be used with transmitters where a channel switch is present. In this case, the transmitter can be use for channel A, B or C.

  7. Are the helmets solid ?
    • Of course, but except for the Torr's hammer, there is nothing indestructible in the universe. Of all models tested by Silent Dee, the ones we chose are the strongest mechanically and we are very confident in their sturdiness. This is a crucial criteria before embarking on a rental business.
    • Furthermore, they were tested at a temperature of 0 degree C for 24 h without any problem whether mechanical, sound quality or battery life.

  9. Can Silent Dee take care of organizing my event ?
    • Although Silent Dee sometimes organizes events, we focus primarily on equipment rental. But we can advise you based on our experiences and help you make your event a great experience that people will talk about for a long time

  11. Since helmets can capture up to two channels, do I need two DJ in my party ?
    • Not necessarily. Only one channel can be used, the other one will remain unused. The helmet will select the right channel when it power up.

  13. What is the range of the headphones ?
    • The range depends mainly of the transmitter. Those chosen by Silent Dee can reach up to 500 meters. But interference and obstructions (walls, trees, etc.) can reduce this distance or cause "shadow" areas behind obstacles. In general, a distance up to 200 meters from the transmitter will not cause any problem and will give excellent reception. This covers an area of ​​over 125,000 m², a huge dance floor !

  15. What is the lifespan of the battery ?
    • For the sake of the environment and the fight against waste, we opted for rechargeable Lithium batteries built into the helmet. They can provide 7 to 8 hours with the lights ON and more than 15 hours with the lights OFF.
    • To enable or disable the lights simply press the volume control.
    • The duration may vary slightly depending on temperature and the listening volume, but is more than 7 hours in the worst conditions.
    • Helmets are rented fully charged and ready to party!

  17. Are headsets are compatible with other music sources ?
    • No. Helmets are not compatible WiFi or Bluetooth, or USB or with other types of transmitter than those provided by Silent Dee. They do not have audio jack for use with a wire and USB connector is only used to recharge the internal battery. They therefore cannot be used for personal purposes.

  19. What happens if a helmet is ever lost, stolen or damaged ?
    • Of course, monetary compensation will be required, adjusted according to the nature of the problem. But as we aware of the fact that rental equipment is used rather than new, we will not require the full replacement value of the equipment but rather an amount related to the depreciated value of the product, which is $ 30 for each helmet and $ 60 for each transmitter.
    • Silent Dee also reserves the right to charge extra for cleaning if it determines that the equipment is returned dirty, sticky or smelly.


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