Silent Dee


A silent disco, how does it work?


Without speakers or amplifiers, but headphones for everyone !


The principle of Silent Disco is simple, instead of sending the music in big speakers through large amplifiers, we send music thru a radio transmitter that distributes music to wireless headphones. People who don't have headphone don't hear the music, they only see people dancing in silence. The movement began in the Netherlands in 2002 and quickly spread to Europe. Silent Dee brings it to you here in Sherbrooke!

But a Silent Disco is more than just that !
Each headset can tune up to two different DJs, each with its own style of music. The helmets change color depending on the selected channel, DJs themselves can see which music is most popular, thereby making DJ Battle !

Long live the post-Festivals !

It's now possible to throw parties in public places until 3am without disturbing the neighborhood. No more complaints about loud music !

Ideal for outdoor event.

No need to carry a big kit with its super heavy amps, speakers and even a generator. The FM transmitter provided weighs only few grams and requires very little energy, so everything can run a Silent Disco all night with a single battery charge.


Outdoor cinema interests you? Think of us !

The stereo sound effects and surround are even more realistic when listening through headphones. Also, the lights on our headsets can be disabled to use them in a more discreet way. This is exclusive to Silent Dee.


Still not convinced?

See our list of questions / answers or visit us for a demonstration.


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